Narratour – Privacy Policy

In compliance with the European regulation 2016/679 - Section 2 Article 13, we inform the interested parties that, in relation to the personal data processed, applies as specified below.


Regarding your personal data, the data controllers are:
Riccardo Vandelli nato a Bologna il 04/02/1983 residente in via Bassano del Grappa 21 - Bologna


Your data are processed for the purpose of pursuing the legitimate interests of the data controllers in accordance with art. 6, par. 1, letter f) of the 2016/672 European regulation. These legitimate interests concern the aspects of site management, among which, by way of example, the collection of data on authors and on the physical and juridical persons being treated, as well as the geolocation of authors and posts. Your data may also be processed, for one or more specific purposes, based on your explicit consent, in accordance with art. 6, par 1, letter a) of the 2016/672 European regulation.


For data processing activities, the role of Data Processor has been assigned to Riccardo Vandelli.
The controller is provided with your personal data listed below which will be processed exclusively for the purposes listed below and with the possibility of sharing them only with the recipients defined below.


The purposes of data processing relate, at most, to the following aspects.
The User spontaneously shares personal and / or sensitive data in the form of text, audio, image or video, and maintains full and exclusive responsibility for the contents themselves, relieving Narra-Tour from any civil or criminal liability.
The personal and / or sensitive data published will always be visible in clear to all users of the site.
The processing will be executed in compliance with the current laws and regulations, the legislation on the processing of personal data, the principles and provisions laid down by the European regulation 2016/679 as well as the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.
Other additional purposes, not directly connected to the previous list, concern the verification, by the controller, of the good functioning of the Service with the consequent detection of errors; the verification of the correct use of the Service and the detection of attempts to access fraudulent personal data and this also by storing the actions carried out through the Service; the aggregation of anonymized data for statistical analysis to allow the improvement of the Service. The Data Processor may, if necessary, contact the users of the Service in relation to the correct use of the same and its functionality.


There will be no circulation (in terms of dissemination) of personal data, except to the extent permitted by each user.
Treatments carried out:
- each user can give Narra-Tour his username, password and email address for account registration. These data, even if collected through links to other social networks, remain in the availability of Narra-Tour and, with the exception of the username, are not shared with other recipients;
- each user can give Narra-Tour an image of himself or otherwise representative, the username, a brief descriptive text and one or more links to other sites: these data will be visible to each user of the site, even before the login procedure.


The data processed are physically hosted in computer facilities located within the European Community.


With regard to your personal data, they will be kept for the entire time of the existence of the account and for a subsequent maximum period of 30 days from the cancellation of the account. At the end of the aforementioned retention period, any personal data will be permanently deleted, except for the data contained or integrated in the intellectual works conferred on the site, subject to cancellation in terms independent of the cancellation of the account, as specified in paragraphs 2 and 4 of the TeC (link).


The interested party has the right to:
1. request access to personal data from the Data Controller
2. request the modification of personal data from the Data Controller
3. request the Data Controller to delete their personal data
4. request the Data Controller to limit the processing of personal data
5. to assert the right of portability of personal data
6. oppose the processing of personal data
7. propose a complaint to a supervisory authority


The communication of your personal data is not an obligation and is not mandatory, but is a necessary condition for your registration to the portal. Likewise, the exercise of rights in points 3.4 and 6 of the previous section makes it impossible to keep the account active.