This agreement was drafted in Italian and in accordance with the law in force in the country where Mr Riccardo Vandelli, co-founder of the Narra-Tour site, has its registered office.
This agreement regulates the obligations that users of the site (hereinafter "Users" or "Users", even minuscule) and Narra-Tour contract when using the services offered by the site itself.
Narra-Tour reserves the right to supplement, modify, fully replace and / or cancel these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter T & C), even without notice to the User.

Confidentiality and responsibility of the contents

Narra-Tour complies with national legislation (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and European legislation in terms of privacy. The User spontaneously shares personal and / or sensitive data in the form of text, audio, image or video, and maintains full and exclusive responsibility for the contents themselves, relieving Narra-Tour from any civil or criminal liability.
The personal and / or sensitive data published will always be visible in clear to all users of the site.
User also guarantees full intellectual property (Law 633/1941 and community legislation on the subject of copyright protection) of any content posted on the site, including collective works, ensuring that each content is free of copyright, right of economic use of others or the involvement of brands, patents or companies of others.
User provides Narra-Tour with a non-exclusive, transferable license, which can be granted as a sub-license, free from royalties and valid worldwide, which allows the use of published content. The license terminates at the time the user requests Narra-Tour to delete his account via the form in the Contact section or the content in his account, unless such content has been shared with third parties.
The cancellation of the account does not determine the cancellation of the contents, unless this is the subject of an express request by the User.
In the case of a collective work, Narra-Tour will proceed with the cancellation of the work only in the hypothesis of request by all the authors who participated in its creation.

The contents posted will be subject to a Creative Commons license Attribution - Non-commercial - Non-derivative works v. 2.5 Italy (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 IT).

User also guarantees that the contents posted are original, do not violate the privacy of others or the right to the image and do not violate national and Community legislation on the subject of obscenity, vulgarity and illegality in various capacities. The User, through the registration and / or use of the site, gives its consent to the processing of any personal data, sensitive or judicial disclosed to Narra-Tour.

Narra-Tour reserves the right to check the contents after their publication: it is therefore possible that the publication of a post is suspended pending the outcome of the checks.

In no case will Narra-Tour be responsible for the contents published by Users: every User, for this purpose, releases a full and full release.

Identification of Users

Narra-Tour uniquely identifies the User through the spontaneous posting, by the User itself, of username, password and active email address. Alternatively, the site may resort to identification through Facebook or other social networks.
The username used binds the Registered User to the alleged responsibility of the actions performed by anyone using the username in question.
The identification of the User, for the purpose of detecting possible responsibilities, will be completed - if necessary - by requesting the ISP of the name associated with the relevant IP address.
The User undertakes to:
not provide false personal information or create an account on behalf of another person without authorization;
do not create more than one personal account;
do not create another account if the original account is disabled;
do not use Narratour if you are under 14 years of age. In any case, the responsibility for acts performed by minors extends to parents or those who exercise parental responsibility;
make sure that your contact information is always correct and up to date;
do not share your login credentials;
do not transfer your account to a third party.

Narra-Tour retains the right to delete any account at any time without notice, as well as to close the site without the User deriving any responsibility whatsoever. The User acknowledges to Narra-Tour and Mr. Riccardo Vandelli the right to interrupt, suspend or definitively terminate the services without prior notice and recognizes that Narra-Tour will not be responsible in any way and for any reason for the malfunction of the site and / or the interruption episodic or permanent of the services or the presence of the posted contents.

Narra-Tour also reserves the right to deliver the published contents to the Jurisdictional Authority or Judicial Police in case of request, for any reason.


The services offered by Narra-Tour are free, but the User still bears the costs for Internet access, from every and any device used.

No compensation, in cash or other benefits, is provided for contributing to the site by publishing content.

Narra-Tour will not be able to cede to third parties the rights of economic use of the contents posted without explicit and written authorization of the Users; however, Narra-Tour and Mr. Riccardo Vandelli reserve the right to contact in private the User author of the contents for a possible future commercialization and assignment of copyrights.

The terms of this transaction will be subject to separate negotiation.

How to use the site

The User may request the removal of the contents published using the specific form in the "Contact" section of the site. Narra-Tour will proceed with the removal in the technical times necessary for the completion of the operation, but in case of collective work it will proceed only in case of collective request of all the authors of the eventual collective work.

Users may request deletion of their account independently of the contents posted, consenting to their permanence on the site.
Using the specific form in the "Contacts" section of the site:
Users may request the cancellation of the contents published in their own name;
Users may request the cancellation of the contents published in their own name which have composed a collective work: in this case Narra-Tour will cancel only if all the authors request it.
Advertising of commercial products through the site is not permitted, but it is permitted to insert hypertext links to contents external to the site: of that activity, and the relative contents, the User is fully responsible.

Registration implies acceptance of receipt of notifications by e-mail.
These notifications concern: invitations to collaborate with other users (user sending of multimedia material, uploads to the site), approval or not of material sent by other users (user receipt of multimedia material. messages from other users, information from the site.

The User accepts not to publish encrypted messages or incomprehensible stories.

In case of conflict between any of the translated versions of this agreement and the Italian version, the Italian one will prevail.

Date of the last revision: 28 October 2018