How do you create an original NarraTour audio short-tale?

Each complete audio-story is made from some Text, Audio and a Cover Image. The Writer from the Post page can place their tale on the map, and then invite an Actor or an Illustrator to collaborate with, creating a completed audio-story. Or vice versa, Actors and Illustrators can send their materials to Writers from the Story Page.

TEXT: You are the tale’s creator

We suggest you add some historical or cultural hints of the place where the tale is set. Add as many details as you wish in order to help people get caught within the plot of the story and provoke their imagination.

Thanks to our features and filters you can specify your story and decide if it is taking place indoors or outdoors, during which season, what time of the day, and the weather conditions. You can also write a short description, and add the literary genre, tags and keywords.

Then just place the pin directly on the map to geolocalise the story and invite others users to collaborate by pushing the Publish button.

While your story is waiting to find a voice it will be read by NT thanks to Text To Speech.

The text will be stored in an area called “seeking a voice”, where all the actors can notice it, record it and send it to you.

Illustrators are able to contact you with their proposals every time they will notice a text without a cover.

You can also upload all the contents of your story by yourself, also playing the role of the actor or illustrator.

Like a printed book, once you decide to push the “publish” button, you will not be able to modify your story anymore.

Remember: Once you upload a text with your own voice and cover, or accept someone’s proposition, you will not be able to receive other user’s files.

The text limit is 10000 characters including spaces. Our tip is to write a text that ranges between 3 to 10 minutes once you read it out loud.

VOICE: It is the key of success for an NT experience

When you find a text without an audio-file in the area “seeking a voice”, you can send your proposition using the button “add your voice” placed below every text and send it to the writer. The writer will get notified via email of your recording of the story and your proposal for collaboration.

Otherwise you might receive a notification directly from a writer that likes your voice, asking you to read their tale.

  • The maximum length of the audio file is 15 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to read the title.
  • Our suggestion is to record in a quiet environment in order to have clear sound on the audio track.
  • When possible, use an external mic and avoid the one on your laptop.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of creating different effects with the microphone. Be careful of the distances and volumes. Your goal is to have fun, experiment and play with these elements. It is your voice that allows the audience to get more involved in the story.

    COVER: Portray the NT experience with an image

    Draw, sketch, take a picture or paint. All these are possibilities to create the cover of the audio-tale and give your interpretation of the NT experience.

    The writer will receive your cover and you can start collaboration.

  • Remember that if you want to use and modify an image that already exists, you have to be sure that it is free from copyright.
  • Our suggestion is to have a look on the cover’s layout before you start your work, in order to match all the colours and the settings in a balanced way.
  • PROFILE: Let people know your talent

    In the description you will have the chance to speak about yourself or your abilities and artistic skills and to add links to your personal website or your official social-network page.

    You can decide to make your profile public or private. Then you can decide to receive notifications of collaborations and notifications about the activities of the website.

    You will also see the collection of all the short-stories you have taken part in.